Immigration Law / EU-Route

National legislation in the Netherlands is very strict with regard to family reunification. This is different if you cross the border as a Dutch national to another EU Member State. Or if someone from another EU member state settles in the Netherlands. Then we no longer have to deal with Dutch legislation, but with EU law.

EU law is often the only way out for people who are bound by certain requirements within Dutch legislation, such as income requirements or that the partner is unable to pass the basic exam. The public order criteria also often play an impediment here, while EU legislation takes a more lenient view of this. We also call this the Belgium route or the EU route. Our office can help you step by step to make this form of family reunification abroad possible. A requirement is that they have lived together in the EU country for at least three months before they can return to the Netherlands.

The EU route consists of several steps that must be followed correctly in order to eventually obtain a residence permit. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us.

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