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A short-stay visa (Schengen visa) is an official permission that you need as a “third-country national” to enter the Netherlands or another EU Member State. Dutch residents often have relatives or friends living abroad who would like to bring them to the Netherlands for a short period of time. Then such a visa is necessary.


There are a number of travel purposes, namely stay as a tourist, family or friends, business visit. It is important here that the correct documents are submitted to the embassy in the country of origin in order to receive a grant. Unfortunately, it happens too often that the embassy rejects the application because or the documents are not in order and no recovery is offered. Our office is highly specialized in the field of visa applications, objections and appeals. We can often rectify the defects during an objection procedure during the application.


Terms and Conditions:


– You have a valid passport or other travel document. Your passport or travel document must not have been issued more than 10 years ago. The passport or other travel document must also be valid for at least 3 months after departure from the Netherlands.

– You are not a threat to public order or national security. Or for the international relations of a Schengen country.

– You have (medical) travel insurance taken out in your name. This is not mandatory if you do not need a visa. Your sponsor (sponsor of residence) may also take out the insurance for you in the Netherlands. The insurance has a minimum cover of €30,000 for medical costs in the Schengen area.


The insurance will in any case cover the following costs:

   o Costs for returning to the country of origin for medical reasons.

   o The country of origin is the country of your nationality.

   o Urgent medical care.

   o Emergency treatment in hospital.

– You have sufficient reasons to return to your country of origin or country of continuous residence. For example, because you work there, (school going)

have children or own a home. A return ticket alone is not enough. The country of continuous residence is the country where you may stay for more than 3 months. Because you have a valid residence permit there or are waiting for a decision on a residence application.

Additional conditions for holiday or family visit:

– You have a destination in the Netherlands. You can show this with, for example, a hotel reservation in the Netherlands. Or with an invitation from a referee. This sponsor has a valid residence permit or is a Dutch national.

– You have sufficient money for the stay in the Netherlands and the onward or return journey. You have a minimum of €55 per person per day for the duration of the stay. Or someone in the Netherlands will act as guarantor for you. This can be the sponsor, but also another person. The guarantor meets the income requirements.

Additional conditions for a business visit:

You have a business travel purpose with economic importance for the Netherlands. Examples of business goals are:

– Consultation or training at a business unit established in the Netherlands.

– Purchase and sale of products, business payments and quotations.

– Go to a trade fair, conference or seminar.

– Participation in a cultural or sporting event.

– Diplomatic visit (diplomats).

– Internship or study (less than 90 days).

– You have been invited by a company or organisation. For example, a foundation, volunteer organization or sports association in the Netherlands. The invitation may come from a foreign organisation. The Netherlands must be the travel destination.

– You have sufficient money for the stay in the Netherlands and for the onward or return journey. You have a minimum of €55 per person per day for the duration of the stay. Or the foreign company you work for writes in the invitation letter who is responsible for the costs. This concerns the costs of the ticket, hotel, transport and medical insurance.

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