Asylum Law / Repeat Asylum application (HASA)

Subsequent application procedure / repeat asylum application (HASA)

Subsequent application procedure / repeated asylum application (HASA)


Have you submitted an asylum application in the past, but it was rejected? Then there is the possibility for you to submit a repeated asylum application. We also call this a “HASA”. In order to be able to submit a HASA, there must be new facts and circumstances, otherwise your application will be declared inadmissible. Our office specializes in handling second or repeated asylum applications. Mainly for converts whose first application has been judged implausible. We study your previous application or applications and on the basis of this we can advise you on a plan of action.


We will then prepare the application for you with an accompanying letter and an M35 form. You must then hand this over to the IND in Ter Apel in person. You will no longer be heard there like a first procedure. The IND will receive the documents and will then assess whether they will process your application. It is therefore very important to submit this application correctly in one go. Subsequently, if the IND processes your application, you will be placed on the waiting list to be called up for a new interview. They also call this the “successive hearing”. This is a single hearing and your application will be decided the day after.

If you have any questions about this, you can make a consultation appointment via 010-3030219.

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