Asylum Law / Family member of a refugee

You have an asylum residence permit and want to bring your family to the Netherlands. Our office can assist you with this procedure. It is often the case that refugee work can request this for you free of charge, but sometimes there are such complicated matters that it is wiser that you submit this through a lawyer. Our office can assist you in applying for a provisional residence permit (mvv) for your family member. An mvv is a visa with which your family members (family members) can travel to the Netherlands. This must be done within three months after you have received the granting decision, otherwise you will be too late and you will have to apply for regular family reunification, which is subject to much more difficult conditions. Even if your documents are not yet in order, you must submit the application in advance to guarantee the deadline.

The following conditions apply to you and your family member:

– You have an asylum residence permit.

– You can only submit this application for the following family members:

              o Your husband or wife

              o Your partner

              o Your (foster) child

              o Your parents. You can only apply for your parents if you were single and under the age of 18 when you applied for asylum.

– You apply for the mvv for your family member within 3 months after you have received the asylum permit (period for family reunification).

– Your family member belongs to your family and was also part of your family abroad.

– Are you applying for an mvv for your partner or husband/wife? Then you must both be 18 years or older.

– Your family member has not committed any criminal offense or crime.

– You declare that you are the sponsor for your family member. The sponsor is the person who brings the family member (family member) to the Netherlands.

– Is there a parent who remains behind in the country of origin? And does that parent also have authority over the child? Then that parent must sign a consent form. The parent thereby gives permission for the child to leave for the Netherlands.

– You must prove the identity of your family member and the family relationship with documents.

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