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The Netherlands is currently very attractive for young students who want to study at a higher vocational or university level. As an EU citizen it is much easier as the costs are low. If you have the nationality of a country outside the EU, you will pay a higher amount for admission. Age and how long ago you graduated are also taken into account. However, our office has contracts with various study programmes, which means that the conditions and admission requirements are more lenient. Most programs also require a language test such as TOEFL (min. 80) or IELS (6.5). But there are also possibilities to come to the Netherlands for a year to learn the language. Our office can help you to be admitted to the training and also assist you to eventually obtain a study visa.


A frequently asked question is whether this form of residence permit can lead to permanent residence. You can obtain a permanent right of residence after having had legal residence in the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of 5 years. However, each study year only counts for half. Please bear this in mind before making such an application.


Once you have finally completed your diploma, you will probably qualify for an orientation year. We can also assist you in submitting an application for an orientation year.



– You meet the general conditions that apply to everyone.

– You have a (temporary) proof of enrollment as a student at a university of applied sciences (hbo) or university.

– Your program is accredited: This means that the program has been recognized by NVAO (the Netherlands) or EQAR (Europe).

– Your educational institution is a recognized sponsor at the IND.

– You are going to follow a full-time course.

– You meet the income requirements.

– You make sufficient study progress each academic year. This means that you obtain at least 50% of the credits each academic year. Your educational institution will assess your study progress and let you know whether you have earned enough credits. Is your study progress insufficient and does the educational institution think that you have no good reason for this? Then the educational institution will deregister you from the IND. Would you like to know more about this study progress monitoring? Then contact your educational institution.


Preparatory period:


Do you still have to take courses from the educational institution or take a language test for admission to the programme? Or do you need to prepare for a master’s degree after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree (pre-master’s degree)? The residence permit also gives you the right to reside in the Netherlands for a preparatory period of up to 12 months. During that period you can meet the requirements to be allowed to follow the desired study. Your educational institution determines whether you meet the requirements. Do you not meet the requirements, whatever the reason? Then the educational institution will deregister you from the IND.

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